Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Avengers pages


  1. Frakkin' awesome stuff, man.

    Clear storytelling, tight pencils and good use of blacks.

    This for submissions, portfolio stuff?

  2. Thanks Jeff!

    Yeah these were more submissions for the folks at Marvel.

    Honestly, I'm just happy to finally be done with them. This script has been sitting there taunting me for months. Intimidating as hell, but once I got into it, I started to really have fun. Now they're out in the void, and all I can do is think happy thoughts and cross my fingers!

  3. That's awesome.

    I'll keep sending the positive vibes in the hopes that someone at Marvel get's their head outta their ass enough to throw you a bone.

    Okay...there's all kinds or wrong in that wording, but you get the idea.