Monday, March 7, 2011

deadpool & charlie sheen: bffs

Wow. This thing kinda took off like gangbusters. That's right, I said gangbusters. Sorry, middle America. 

Last week Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso tweeted "Show of hands for a Deadpool/Charlie Sheen team-up?" and Ben Christian texted me with a crazy idea. My first thought was "You're nuts. Lose this number." My second thought was " Yeah, why not?" I'm fickle like that.

A few days (and sleepless nights) later we had a pretty cool one page comic that we figured would, at the very least, get us on Axel's radar. We had no idea it would end up being seen by so many people in so many places. You hope for these kinda things, but this was way beyond expectations.

Axel himself retweeted it, which was pretty awesome by itself. Then it showed up on,,, and eventually landed on, not to mention everybody who reposted and retweeted it on various social networks, OR the long list of message boards that Ben posted it on. Straight up hustler, that guy.

So, I'd like to thank everyone who saw it, supported it and helped spread it around today. I am eternally grateful. This has been a pretty crazy day. And I can't forget to thank the internet in general (for existing), the slow news day, and of course, Charlie Sheen. You magical man, you.
Pencils and inks below:

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