Thursday, October 14, 2010

Independents sketch covers (& post-NYCC wrap-up)

NYCC went really well. We made a lot of good connections and met a lot of great people all weekend long. Now comes the follow-up process, which means a lot of editors are gonna be receiving these bad boys in the mail wether they like it or not. Our plan was to just get some eyes on the books at the con and offer to send a copy to anyone who was interested, but some people were so receptive they wanted to take a copy right there! It was an awesome feeling and I'm just grateful to everyone who gave us the time of day.

Anyway, this is the first batch of sketch covers I did before the convention. I spent about 15-20 mins on each, and I got better and faster with each one, though some I wish I could take back. This kind of sketching is an art form unto itself just like the inking process. I used pretty much the same materials I did to ink the pages, but I threw in a gray marker for some half-tones. It didn't show up too well in the scans, but they look pretty cool in person.

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