Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Darkseid hearts Twitter

I found these bristol sketch cards at the art store the other day and thought they'd be an awesome way to do a daily sketch exercise. It's something I try to do anyway, but the drawing usually ends up getting carried away becoming an all day thing. At 2.5" x 3.5" these are perfect for quick 30-60 min things like ol' Darkseid here.

I've always been a huge Jack Kirby fan, one of his greatest skills, I think, was in character design. He created the looks of many characters (including half of the Marvel Universe) that still endure today. Doctor Doom. Captain America. The New Gods. The Inhumans. Juggernaut. And Galactus, my vote for best character design EVER. Most of his costume designs were incredibly simple, using basic shapes and vibrant color schemes to create a visual language that was unmistakably him, even when seen in today's comics. So I'm going to be doing a different Kirby character for every sketch card until I run out. It'll be a while, though. I found a list of characters online.... there are hundreds.

Also, I have a Twitter account now and I'm going to be posting one of these up every day over there. Come follow me and it won't suck all the time. Promise.

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