Tuesday, April 26, 2011

what I've been up to...

Playing around with my new COPIC markers, mostly. I haven't really figured out how to properly use them yet, but I already love 'em.

For a while I've been seeing the ridiculously talented Eric Canete use COPICS to some amazing effects and I got inspired (jealous) enough to try my hand at them. Check out some of Canete's amazing color pieces like this, this, and this.

I sketched out these two things quickly at 2.5" x 2.5" on a piece of bristol vellum with a very light pencil, then the markers and some brushpen. Using the markers is a good way to learn more about colors and color relationships, something I think I could always be better at. Even though it didn't go at all according to plan and I kind of hate how they turned out, I decided to post them anyway. If anything, it will motivate me to get something better posted up here by the end of the week.

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