Monday, March 11, 2013


 Here are all of the LOTSC sketch covers that went out to retailers as part of Aspen's incentive program for issue 1. There are 100 in total. I did them each pretty quickly at about 15-20 min each, but they still seemed to take forever. 100 is a big number.

There was initially a mix-up at the printer where the covers were mistakenly printed on a glossy paper stock, and before the problem was corrected I had already made my way through a big chunk of them. The glossy texture was almost impossible to do any underdrawing on, but they reacted to the inkwashes in a pretty cool way. It's hard to tell from these scans, but in person the difference between the glossy and cardstock covers is really noticeable.

Keep an eye out for these at your local comic shop! If you can't get one there, I do have a handful of "Artist Proof" blank covers that I'll be getting to soon and I'll post details here of how you can get one...

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