Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A big ol' art dump

Some of the work I've done over the last few months:


Feels like forever since I've posted new art. These are as follows:

1.) The Pride cover (& rough pencils)- done for Joe Glass and Gavin Mitchell's comic series The Pride. I had a lot of fun doing this one-love doing these kinds of design-heavy compositions. I think it will appear on issue #2.

2.) Blindside pin-up (&rough pencils). Soon to be in glorious color by Frank Cuonzo. We're showing this to Marat Michaels for the launch of his comic Blindside.

3.)Thundercats- just for fun, really. The new cartoon got me thinking about how much I loved these characters in the 80's. I had colors in mind when I drew this, but I never got around to actually doing them. Something like this with a strong light source would be a good challenge/exercise. One of these days...

4.)Youngblood's Shaft. Did this to be part of a jam piece with some other artists, but it never really came together. Again, I thought of this with colors in mind. Again, one of these days...

5.)The Independents cover- inks & colors- This is going to be part of our pitch for for The Independents. The pitch is still being worked on, but we used this image as the cover for our 12 page comic that we had copies of at NYCC this year. Some of you lucky devils might even own one. I needed a lot of help with the colors on this, and I got it from our series colorist Steve Talaba and the awesome Dean White!

6.) Some Gladstones School for World Conquerors art I did as a warm-up one day. More on this soon...

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